Tustin Ranch Golf Club Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

March 31st, 2014 by DJ Dais

Super short video on a Reception I DJed at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club, Clubhouse, with uplighting and Cake Spotlighting (Pinspots on this one) services, both look great at this location. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, and the crowd really went for the country line dancing, which is always fun!

This is my company’s hometown, Tustin, CA, but I don’t find myself there as often as I would like to. The staff is always courteous and helpful there, and the logistics of the location is pretty short and simple. Also, cocktail hour on the patio side has a built in PA system, so you’ll be able to get the venue to cover the music for that hour. This is a terrific location for your North OC wedding.

Franscisan Gardens Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

March 19th, 2014 by DJ Dais

Very short video of a wedding I did at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capo. It’s a very scenic and quiet courtyard nestled between buildings on the busy stretch of Camino Capistrano. It’s reminiscent of romantic court yards in Italy, like the one Nuovo Cinema Paradiso is in (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really should see that movie!).

Spotlights and GoBO might be lighting options for this location, but to be totally frank, this place is so pretty by itself, you wouldn’t really need it.

I love doing weddings at this location because the setup is relatively simple, and so is the load in / out. Can’t wait to be there again soon!

Surf & Sand Resort Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

March 19th, 2014 by DJ Dais

This is just two short clips I took right before a reception on a wedding I DJed last August at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. They opted for up-lighting, cake spotlighting, and I also provided music and microphones for their Ceremony (sorry no footage) on the terrace overlooking the ocean. This place is very well kept and luxurious; it’s absolute paradise!

One thing to be careful though, is that if you’re a vendor or your family is doing decorations, you can expect delays in logistics because they have very limited freighting capacity, and the venue is built vertically. I gave myself and crew a whole hour to do just the unloading and parking, which turned out to be a really wise decision on my part. Parking for vendors is off-site and very limited. Be ready to wait for the elevator to the ballroom and terrace on each trip, and be there earlier than you think you need to be there; don’t get into a hairy situation right before the ceremony, and if you’re the bride and groom, make sure to use dependable vendors that has experience at this location.

Nothing beats getting married at the beach, without the issues caused by the beach; the terrace at Surf & Sand gives you the view without the fuss, and you have ample electricity, which means you won’t need a generator like most beach side options. From what I understand, they charge a pretty penny, but there are very few places like this on the coast; Pacific Edge, being one other I can think of.

Nixon Library Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

March 19th, 2014 by DJ Dais

An incredibly well coordinated, highly produced wedding from the coordination team of Jenn Yamauchi in Los Angeles. I only did Reception for this wedding, I believe. It included up-lighting (at the Nixon Presidential Library is a MUST) cake spotlighting, wireless remote satellite speakers, and a projection and screen service.

They also had me do the grand entrance in my Michael Buffer, sports announcement voice, as the groom was a Chicago Bulls fan, which went well (sorry, wish I got footage).

The garden / courtyard is really nice as a Ceremony space, with Richard Nixon’s birth home in the background. This is a venue fit for an executive, definitely unique.

Newland Barn Wedding DJ [HD VIDEO]

March 19th, 2014 by DJ Dais

Short video from a wedding I DJed at Newland Barn / Newland House Museum, in Huntington Beach, Surf City USA. It’s a super relaxed private yard with an indoor section inside a bar like structure.

It’s a great location that gets tons of sun, and also has a small indoor area to put your buffet in, or in this case, the dance floor. This particular client decided to pipe and drape the room, and had me provide back uplighting in blue, which was incredibly effective (smaller rooms are easier to saturate). They were a sweet and down to earth B&G, I couldn’t ask for better clients.

The key to DJing a reception at this location, or any location that is open air and this sprawled out, is to have a widely dispersed sound system, which requires (reliable) wireless audio signal transmitters. I’ve got a set of speakers playing the same program (music / microphones during speeches) back at the barn from the house museum, so the dinner reception area is covered with sound evenly. This allows the music and speeches to not be too loud for some of the guests, while the guests in the back are struggling to hear what is going on. Please inquire if you’d like to learn more about this.

Looking forward to be back at this location!

Oak Creek Golf Wedding DJ Irvine, CA [HD VIDEO]

March 19th, 2014 by DJ Dais

This is a short video at a wedding I DJed at Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine, CA. Very well kept and beautiful venue, with a European countryside architecture.

My clients were very nice, the bride was so incredibly grateful, and didn’t want the dancing to end even though only a few of her friends were left. They had me Uplight in amber, and put up a floral pattern behind their sweethearts’ table, and spotlight the cake. The lighting really took effect when the sun went down, and the room was just absolutely gorgeous! It’s an almost square and symmetrical room, so it’s relatively easy to paint with lighting.

Strawberry Farms Wedding DJ [VIDEO]

February 26th, 2014 by DJ Dais

Very short video from the Barn at Strawberry Farms Golf Course. Very kick back wedding reception with up-lighting. This couple was incredibly easy to please. I just shot the video with my phone during down time, so I didn’t really get much footage. This should give you a good idea of how the venue might look with uplighting though.

El Adobe Wedding DJ San Juan Capistrano [VIDEO]

February 26th, 2014 by DJ Dais

Casa Romantica Wedding DJ [VIDEO]

February 26th, 2014 by DJ Dais

Wedding at the historic landmark Casa Romantica. This venue overlooks the San Clemente pier and ocean, and has a Spanish mission feel to it that’s hard to duplicate.

Ceremony takes place on the terrace, Cocktail hour inside the Salon, Dinner Reception in the Courtyard and Dancing back in the Salon. I’ve got the Salon sound system wirelessly chained to the Courtyard sound system, so I just have to have one playback device for music, and the people in the courtyard can hear what’s going on in the Salon, if they’re out there to take a smoke during the second half of reception.

Awesome couple, I met the bride and her mom for a pre-consultation, and they were so sweet, we totally hit it off. I couldn’t ask for a smoother booking process. I didn’t meet the groom until the wedding, but he turned out to be as awesome as his bride.

Always a pleasure at this location. Can’t wait to do another there!

Hyatt Regancy Wedding DJ [VIDEO] Waterfront Huntington Beach

February 26th, 2014 by DJ Dais

Another wedding at the Hyatt Regancy in Huntington Beach, CA. This is one of the popular Waterfront properties. It’s usually a zoo on Saturdays during the wedding season, but we lucked out that they didn’t double book the room, and we were able to get in early for setup. The only downside is finishing an hour early, which is not a terrible problem to have I suppose.

This is the Mariner’s ballroom located below the Grand Ballroom. Logistically speaking, it’s the easiest ballroom to access for vendors, because it’s just around the corner from the loading dock. All of the other ballrooms suck, because you have to get in the elevator and go through the kitchen. I hope I get this room more often!

My partner Jason and his understudy Kathy did an awesome job with the uplighting. We used light lavender on three sides plus purple columns during dinner and a simple dancefloor focused color chase during dancing which turned out nicely. Also the monogram (GoBO) setup was super easy in this room because they section off 1/3 of it for staging (depending on the crowd size) with light curtains, and you can toss your speakers, cabling and lighting equipment behind it. Usually we have to drape each stand individually, so this also allowed us to save a heck of a lot of time. Might be an incentive to book this room!

I’m using 4 speakers, basically two stereo fields sitting next to each other in a LR – LR fashion. I would have probably went mono, if I wasn’t able to hide the cables behind the curtain, so there’s another plus. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!