Through the years
Opening for Ozomatli (2002)
Opening for Ozomatli with Spanish Bombs

Grandmaster Caz & Busy Bee Starski (2006)
With Grandmaster Caz who wrote most of Rapper's Delight and Legendary Battle Emcee Busy Bee Starski

DJ Aladdin (KDAY Mixmaster) (2004)
With DJ Aladdin, AM1580 KDAY Mixmaster & Battle DJ

Arabian Prince (of NWA) (2004)
With Arabian Prince of NWA; producer of JJ Fad among others

Tony G (KDAY Mixmaster)
With Tony G the original AM1580 KDAY Mixmaster at Power 106

Dinner with Afrika Bambaataa (2008)
After having dinner with NYC chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa

DJ Jazzy Jay (2008)
DJ Jazzy Jay of the Almighty Zulu Nation posing for my camera!

Quote du Jour
It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.

- Confucius

About DJ Dais
A knack for perfection

DJ Dais is a Mobile & Nightlife Disc Jockey service based in Tustin, CA. Owner Daisuke J Takeoka has over 18 years of Mobile DJ experience and his accolades range from a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Musicology to mixshow airtime on the Los Angeles top rap radio station, KPWR Power 106.

Growing up in East Los Angeles's Chicano and Asian-American enclaves, spending four years in a Northern California college town, and settling in Orange County gives Daisuke a unique perspective for understanding different cultures of people as well as their tastes in music. His fans include mainstream nightclub goers, Latin music lovers as well as '70s & '80s dance parties. His specialty is his ability to beat-match mix in every genre with a repertoire ranging between Dick Clark's Rock 'N' Roll up to what is playing on the current radio stations including Country, Spanish music and various forms of ballroom dance.

DJ Dais is also an advocate for cutting edge DJ technology as well as a master artisan. If you haven't seen him perform his craft in person, you will be thrilled to see what he can do with your favorite music. Hear him performing live by clicking here!